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Match Made Lighter

  • $18

Elevate your candle-lit moments with our matchstick-inspired lighter. This charming yet functional accessory adds a hint of playfulness to your surroundings. Convenient to use and full of character, it's the ideal companion for your candle experiences. 

*IMPORTANT: This lighter does not come filled with gas. You will need to use butane fuel. Available at local hardware stores.*

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Let's get your lighter ready for action! When filling your lighter, use only high-quality butane gas for optimal performance. Locate the refill valve on the bottom or side of the lighter, insert the butane nozzle, and press it down for a few seconds. After filling, allow a few minutes before using to ensure a seamless ignition.

To clean blackened tips from soot, lightly wipe them with alcohol on a tissue paper. Avoid submerging the tips in alcohol to prevent damage. This quick and simple cleaning method ensures your matchstick gas lighter stays soot-free, operating at its best. Regular use of these guidelines will maintain your lighter in top condition.

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