Candella x The Water Project Candella x The Water Project

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Candella x The Water Project

Candella x The Water Project

We're a proud partner with The Water Project - an organization dedicated to improving access to clean and safe drinking water for those in need. With every candle you purchase with us, you're directly contributing to this vital cause.

When Candella relaunched in 2023 with Sand Candles, we were on a mission to make meaning impact to address the urgent need for clean water in sub-Saharan Africa. Through our Sand Candles initiative, we're making a difference by supporting clean water projects in the region.

Why Clean Water

Globally, 1 in 9 people lack access to clean water. However, in the communities we support, every single person faces this challenge. Access to water is essential for basic needs like growing food, constructing homes, maintaining health, attending school, and sustaining employment.

Children frequently face the hardship of walking long distances every day to get water from contaminated streams and ponds. This contaminated water often carries diseases, causing illness in both children and their families. As a result, sickness and the time spent collecting water deprive entire communities of opportunities for their future.

Access to Clean Water Means..

  • Education: Saves students from missing class and long walks to fetch water.
  • Health: Preventing illness and promoting hygiene, reducing health risks.
  • Hunger: More abundant crops and solving the problem of hunger.
  • Poverty: Invest more time in their households and livelihoods, breaking the cycle of poverty caused by water scarcity.

Explore The Water Project to discover their impactful work! Click HERE to see Candella's contributions to The Water Project.

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