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Top 5 Questions Answered About Sand Candles

Top 5 Questions Answered About Sand Candles

Discover answers to the top 5 frequently asked questions about Sand Candles in our latest blog post! Learn about burn times, post-burn care, sustainability, differences from traditional candles, and adding scent to unscented Sand Candles.

In this blog post, we'll address the top 5 frequently asked questions. Feel free to comment or message us if you can't find your answer here!

1. How Long Do Sand Candles Burn?

The Classic Size (20oz) Sand Candles offer a total burn time of around 120 hours. Each 15cm-long cotton wick burns for approximately 40 hours without trimming. With each Classic Size, you'll receive 15 cotton wicks, which should be more than sufficient. It's important to note that the provided burn times are based on not trimming the wick, and various factors may affect the actual burn time.

2. Post-Burn Care: What to Do When the Wick Reaches the Bottom?

After your candle's wick has burned down, you can effortlessly remove the solidified wax and wick layer. Since it's made from vegan ingredients, both the melted wax and the cotton wick can be responsibly recycled in a biodegradable bin. To enhance reusability, break apart the layer and conceal it beneath the Sand Candles for a renewed appearance. For a step-by-step visual guide, refer to this video on our Instagram. 

3. How Are Sand Candles Different from Traditional Candles?

Traditional candles are typically enclosed in containers, but with sand candles, you can freely pour them into any container you prefer. This eliminates the need to invest in various candle-making supplies, allowing you to create a candle in just one minute. How cool is that!

4. What Makes Sand Candles Sustainable?

When you purchase a candle, you no longer receive a container. Did you know that research shows only 8% of candle containers get recycled? This means that 92% of candle containers not only go unrecycled, but also amounts to a significant volume of unused containers. With sand candles, you have the option to choose your own container.

5. Adding Scent to Unscented Sand Candles: How is it Done?

For our unscented option, customization is the key. Simply add a few drops of your preferred essential oil around the wick area. Begin with 5 drops to assess the aroma strength, and adjust to your liking. It's an easy yet powerful method to personalize your candle experience.

And there you have it—answers to your top 5 questions! Sand Candles go beyond being just a light source; they're a sustainable, customizable, and eco-friendly enhancement for your space.

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to send us a message or drop a comment below!

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